An essential component of organizational training and development, Employee Opinion Surveys provide a picture of the organization’s needs. These surveys can be used to solicit employee opinions on a variety of issues such as the company’s success in communicating its mission to employees, or local issues such as quality of the working environment.


An important resource with influence on the accomplishing the goal are people. Advanced technologies skill fully used by the employee are the key element of efficiency. The interest in the level of satisfaction among employee and carrying the satisfaction survey is essential in recognition of moods and needs. It is very important to constantly get to know what the members of organization think about atmosphere in work, about its successes and failures, as well as to recognize their emotional attitude, needs, feelings and values that are important for them. Employee satisfaction is also a key element of efficiency.

With the study of the most important elements for employee and values of the company we can get the comprehensive information about:

  • important values for employee
  • identification with the values of company
  • consciousness of vision and mission of the company
  • necessity of introducing changes


“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.”

  Steve Wynn


From company’s point of view using values relates to creating vision and mission of the action from both inside and outside of the company, motivate and integrate employees, to control of change and dealing with extremity. For the employee values are important for realization their passion, self-fulfillment, building membership and creating career according to the aspiration.

Identification and integration of the values that are important for company and the employee, helps to keep motivation and employees at the high level while developing the organization. This action requires a clear definition of company’s values and comparing the prospects of the company with the prospects of employee. This means combing personal goals with the values perceived in the company.

Those two sets overlaps which means that management should fulfil not only the aspirations of the company but also aspirations of employee. The effect of this action is a common aim for something they both believe in, consequently involvement of employee in creating the mission as well as understanding and keeping a high level of the satisfaction and motivation.

Benefits derived from satisfaction research featuring external research company and applications with access to the internet

  • Increase the reliability of research
  • To ensure anonymity for the employees
  • Parameter feedback about the processes taking place in the organization
  • Objective assessment of the level of satisfaction, motivation, professional development, relations with the employee and management
  • Ability of undertaking the action to improve governance process
  • Identification of the factors that are determining the level of satisfaction
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Stages of satisfaction research project


  • determining the goals of research
  • developing a questionnaire
  • preparation of promotion actions
  • conducting research (surveys, interviews, online study)
  • preparation of the database from the findings
  • formulation of final report and recommendation

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