These are just some of our valued clients

There is a great satisfaction in knowing that you’ve done an excellent job and served your clients’ well. This page should show that choosing REWORK.BUSINESS for your organization needs is a good decision!

Having a strategic partner like Rework.Business, has helped our business to grow. I look forward to a long and productive relationship with Rework.Business.

Anindita Bhattacharya

MD, Somi Group

The Exceptional Service program is very easy for our team members to understand and Rework.Business are able to relate to the solutions for our business based on our present internal situations.

Ravish Sharma

CEO, Phoenix Industries Ltd

Rework.Business have exceeded our expectations and help keep our bank on the leading edge of technology and customer experience.

Anjali Sukla

MD, IFIL Rural & Micro Finance

Rework.Business is a very professional organization with extremely knowledgeable, service-oriented staff from the top down.  

Kishan Yadav

HRD Manager, Manish InfoTech Pvt. Ltd

The Rework.Business team helped us develop innovative solutions for our business needs. Their team of professionals took the time to understand our culture and requirements in order to identify suppliers, services, and products that keep our organization on the leading edge…while savings us money!

Sumit Singh

Manager, Sisthi Developer & Finance Ltd

… Keep up the good work. You have wonderful people working for you, and that makes for a good company! Thank you all so much.

Kishan Lal Bauri

Director & Committee President, Association for Social & Rural Development


The Rework.Business team always does a great job of tailoring our survey to our needs. The reports were easy to understand & the data was compiled in ways which helped us identify areas to concentrate on for improvement.

Swarnali Mukherjee

Regional Manager, DK Multi-Trade Ltd Development


Rework.Business continues to be an innovator in the strategic business process. They manage in various corporate cultures and environments with a passion for market intelligence. They do this for all of their engagements units and sub units.

Javed Khan

BOD & CEO, Liberate Research Development Ltd


Very helpful staff, knowledgeable.

Rahim Khan

Manager, Elite Group


We’ve seen huge improvement in every aspect, from delivery to cost savings—Rework.Business has saved us a significant amount of money.

Mani Bhushan


I have to admit that the team has changed, it is more focused on quality customer service and it takes much more empowered decisions than before and the results in the business are tangible.

Ruma Biswas

HR Manager, JevanDeep Pharmaceutical & Research Development Association

From the start, Rework.Business worked hard to understand our needs and provide solutions that addressed our global framework … Our productivity has improved, and I estimate that we’ve reduced manual processing by 70+ percent.

Jonathan Steve Lao

Director & CEO, LK International Group

Immediately after the first session, there were obvious changes in my staff, both in the way they deal with customers, and in communication with co-workers and supervisors.

Gauri Kaur Singh

HRD Manager, Krithi Infotech & Solution Ltd

Our decision to hire Rework.Business to supports our business strategy has improve operational controls, reduce administrative costs, and continue to improve our ability to serve our customers.

James Fernandes

CFO, Visual InfoTech Solutions Ltd

In a recent audit, the auditor commented that he was impressed with the improvements we’d made as a result of our partnership with Rework.Business.

Viki Dhingra

CFO, DM Commercial (Group) Ltd.

Very smart people working on the project — they provided great insight and brought experience to the project.

Abhishek Choudhary

Project Manager, Advance Geo Hydro Engineers LLP


Ever since we hired Rework.Business, the client retention has increased tremendously and I am receiving very positive feedback from our clients.

Kunal Bhattacharya

Manager, LTK Group


We have used Rework.Business for many years.  They have all been very helpful and very knowledgeable. They are always willing to listen to our problems and give us direction and help. I cannot imagine using any other processor.

Tuli Sharma

 HR Manager, Florence Education & Advance Training


Rework.Business provides the strategic sourcing and subject matter expertise necessary to tackle a variety of complex categories. They work well in a teaming environment, customizing their approach to fit the unique needs and culture of their customer rather than trying to force a rigid process onto an organization. Their staff is well trained with broad skill sets that range from spend analysis to research. They also value the customer’s relationship with their suppliers, and that is reflected in the professionalism of their interactions.

Kamal Kumar Trivedi

CFO, Advance Ultra Solutions & Research 

The service provided by Rework.Business has exceeded my expectations for timeliness and accuracy.

Suresh Lama

Manager, HK Group


Thank you. We can always count on the support from Rework.Business to be timely and competent in its field. The staff is knowledgeable and makes the information—even the technical issues—easy to understand.

Chaitali Talukdar

Manager, SSKM Solutions Pvt. Ltd


Rework.Business understand and adapt to our culture instead of trying to change our culture… They understand our needs and how we go about doing things, and they are flexible to adapt to that.

Tanmay Bhan

CEO, MJ International Group


We’ve seen huge improvement in every aspect, from delivery to cost savings—Rework.Business has saved us a significant amount of money.

Manojit Kumar Chandra

Manager, Bakshi Industries Ltd


Rework.Business listens to us, and they are a good partner. They are also quick to respond and work with us to get issues solved.

Dhanraj Bakshi

CEO, VK Commercial Pvt. Ltd


Rework.Business is an efficient and reliable source of data for our company. They have been able to service a broad range of research needs while always remaining flexible, cost effective, and most importantly lightning fast. They are a trusted partner for us.

Harpreet Kaur

Senior Research Manager, RD Research & Group



We have always tried to be on the cutting edge with technology and products, and Rework.Business has always helped us accomplish this goal.

Madhu Dholki

CEO, WK Industries